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We are proud to say that everything we do is designed with a child-centric approach. We provide all the tools and aid to help the children discover their distinct paths. Our curriculum is inspired by international best practices and standards. We prepare the children to match pace with a fast-changing, diverse and multicultural world.

We have a team of educators and researchers to design and facilitate the holistic development of your child. We focus on nurturing qualities like developing individual identity, creativity, inquisitiveness, and resilience.

Apart from the holistic learning experience, we are equipped with the best and the safest in-school facilities and infrastructure to entice development and learning. We aimed to build an infrastructure that goes along with the latest standard to provide the best to the children.


We believe every child has their own pace of learning. So, we understand the mental structure of the child and provide them an age-appropriate holistic learning experience. Here, we nurture the child’s linguistic, and communication skills, creative expression, and physical and social development.

Jr. KG

Our Jr. KG program is perfect for the growth of a 4-year-old child. We use 3 R’s- Rhythm, Reverence, and Repetition through the Steiner technique. We also focus on making them learn maths and writing through kinaesthetic activities. Moreover, phonics and elocution are used to enhance their speech.

Sr. KG

At Sr. KG, we aim to make them grasp the basic understanding of the early years and study content. The curriculum is designed for their skill growth, numeracy, literacy, and understanding of the world around them. We prepare them for the coming years of life.

Discover our Daycare

Daycare is a fast emerging need for working parents. At the Day Care, children can learn and grow in a throughly researched and scientific manner within the comforts of their home away from home.

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What Parents Say

Apollo International School is a great place, where students are imparted excellent academic and extracurricular coaching. 
All students are treated equally and with respect. There is a positive energy flowing from the teachers and the office staff.

Paresh Devani Parents

Apollo International School has a great team of friendly, dedicated and experienced educators who have provided both my children a nurturing and conducive environment to learn.

Sandip Pathak Parents

It has been a great experience to watch my children become more independent and confident at such an early age. I am very thrilled that my daughter has now started playing cricket. My son has become very independent and is learning so many new things every day.

Jignesh Prajapati Parents

It is an excellent place for learning, the sport activities are too good. In Apollo International School, There are dedicated and experienced educators.

Omit Patel Parents

About us

About Us

At Apollo International school, the educators aim to shape up the tender minds to prepare them for a brighter future. Our curriculums are designed to combine education, imagination, and playfulness to create a joyful learning experience.

We focus on play-based learning to entice interest in education and knowledge in the children. Our teachers are not only highly educated but also a loving and nurturing soul that help and encourage kids for various child-initiated activities.

We can proudly say that our infrastructure is spacious and green. It has all the safety aspects for the children as well as set up to keep them engaged in different learning activities.

Our Vision

We aim to prepare and thrive tender minds through education and fun-loving activities. We want to provide the best of resources to the student to provide the requisite knowledge through play. To prepare the children for a fast-changing world, we want to bring the best global practices for early years teaching and focus on all the important attributes. We want to create a school that would be the first preference for students who are interested in knowledge and discoveries at any level.

Our Mission

To support the growth of children’s mind, body, and soul through a holistic curriculum program. We have built an educational philosophy to entice curiosity, learning capability, and understanding of the world.

Learning is an active process that develops intellectual capacity, critical thinking, an optimistic and problem-solving attitude of the children. We aim to provide the latest knowledge so that they can have a smooth transition to higher studies.

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